Monday, December 10, 2018
 Important ECHECK Payment Information

When the e-check option is chosen you will be prompted to enter your bank routing and checking account information as shown in the image below. Make sure to enter ALL the digits between the two markers. Do not use the account number from a deposit slip as this is different than your checking account number.


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Please verify with your banking institution the account number and routing number you are using for your e-check. Some Banks & Federal Credit Unions have in the past rejected e-checks due to incomplete/inaccurate numbers entered by the taxpayer. Failure to put in the correct account or routing number could result in a payment rejecting which constitutes a returned item fee being charged to your tax bill.

The Tax Collector is not responsible for any error that you as a taxpayer make when entering your bank or payment information. Furthermore, incorrect data input by the taxpayer can cause an NSF or rejected check that will result in the Tax Collector charging a fee to your tax bill. The payment will be cancelled and a $25.00 returned item fee will be added as well as any applicable penalties, interest and fees at the time notification is received.


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